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Canadian Freestyle Karate

Be a part of a disciplined community. Learn self defense in an intuitive and fun approach. Perfect for all ages. Join us now!

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Still Thinking?

Why Choose us?

Our expert martial arts instructors will guide you through every movement… Encourage you through every challenge… And give you all the attention you need to a black belt and succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

Perfect For All Ages

It is never too late to learn self defense through martial arts. Regardless of your age, we are more than happy to have you in our program.

martial arts Peterborough
awesome extra curricular for kids

After School Program

You can offer your kids healthy and amazing after school activities to keep them occupied and learning new things. Their security is also our priority so you can expect to have them secured while they are with us.

Fun For Kids
School can be a bit intense. Our program can rub off the stress away from your kids and help them enjoy the remaining hours of their day.
Kids Learning Karate
Our program will help kids learn self defense in a healthy and fun way.

Little Dragon Ages 5-7

Our Little Dragon martial arts and self defense classes are structured around the specific needs of this young group. Classes are fun, active and designed to develop focused self defense skills. We also work with them on respect, etiquette, awareness, responsibility, discipline, and confidence which are critical qualities to have inside and outside of school and home life and as future black belts.

Youth Ages 8-13

Self defense and Martial Arts in general have been an amazing tool for teaching children to become more focused, confident, and disciplined for over 2,000 years! This can help them get better grades, better fitness, have higher self-esteem, more confidence, improved mind set, health and of course teaches them to defend themselves. Our Peterborough karate Kid program will help your child reach their full potential… and have a ton of fun at the same time!

Adult 14 +

The adult training program is for men and women looking to improve their self defense skills, core strength, increase focus and concentration, more self confidence, and add inner growth to their lives. Discover amazing techniques for self-defense. Get great workouts that work you from head to toe, make friends, and have a ton of fun. Learn from the masters of our martial arts program and kick start your program with top notch high quality teaching.


Canadian Freestyle Karate and Martial Arts  in Peterborough Ontario, is a positive place to be!  We promote an atmosphere of respect and self-discipline. We work in a positive, hard working and respectful environment to boost the students confidence. It is because of this environment that our club in Peterborough appeals to so many families.



Character Education

We teach much more than just kicking and punching! Our character education program is an integral part of the education our students receive and is build into the curriculum for each new belt level. We don’t rest on the reputation that the martial arts develop self-defense, self-discipline, confidence, respect, integrity and focus, we actually teach students how to develop these attributes for themselves! Self defense and Martial arts lessons both on and off the training floor gives every student the opportunity to develop into well-rounded martial artists, ready to take on life’s challenges.​



Respect For Others

From the moment you inquire at our club to the day you receive your Black Belt you will be treated in a courteous, professional, and respectful manner. Our instructors at Canadian Freestyle karate are the best Peterborough martial arts trainers with years and years of experience each.  You and your child will be treated as an individual and supported throughout your training.  



Quality of Training

Our Peterborough martial arts and self defense training programs and classes are well organized, well structured and delivered with the highest level of instructional expertise. Rigorous training and the highest standard for attitude and skill development in the result. We are a martial arts school and thus have high expectations for all of our students.



Results of Training

Our students, at Canadian freestyle karate and martial arts in Peterborough, get the results they are looking for! Whether it’s learning self defence or improving confidence and self-discipline for children, our school delivers on what we say we do. Students stay at our club because our top rated Peterborough martial arts and self defence training programs improve our students’ lives and the results are undeniable!